pondělí 18. listopadu 2013

Interview with admins of An Cafe CZ/SK Street Team 1/3

We have prepared exclusive interviews of our admins for you. And they are finally in English. We start with newest member of our CAT Team.
CAT Team: C = Cherry, A = An-chan, T = Teér-chan.
1. Try to tell us a little about yourself. --- So, my name is Aneta, or if An. I am from Prague. I am Otaku, I listen to VK, Metalcore (Deathcore) and occasionally K-pop and I am trying to somehow start with cosplay.

2. How long do you listen to An Cafe? --- Actually, I listen to An Cafe for only a year and half, but I think it does not change what they mean to me.

3. How did you find them? --- Heh ... well, I wrote to the Wiki ‘‘Japanese music‘‘ and I found that AC and I said ‘‘Damn, I really like it!‘‘ 'and that was it. :D

4. Do you know a lot of their fans personally? --- I would not say a lot, but I hope it is thus necessary to know. ^ ^

5. Why do you think you are suitable person to admin Czech-Slovak fan site? --- Well, that's a very interesting question and I can answer it only like this: An Cafe is for me something really amazing and I want to pursue them.

6. Who do you prefer and why? --- So it is again quite simple-Miku! Miku is such a star on my, maybe not always, clear sky. I really admire him. And why? I love his laugh, his humor, his style, his voice, I love him! ^ ^

7. What would you do to get them back to Europe?
--- I would do anything if I would get to it ... But I do not want them to see my face

8. How far would you go just to see them?--- Even the moon, if I had those Money.. :D

9. With what is An Cafe outstanding? (Your opinion)  --- Hm ... I do not know if I can say it's just something you feel in your heart. An Cafe is not just a band, they are  lifestyle! ^ ^

10. Try to write a small message to people why they should listen to An Cafe. --- An Cafe have great music, clothes, but mainly, they share amazing atmosphere and it is worth living with them! Nyappy! :33